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19 Feb 2010


LAST CHANCE TO SUBMIT- wednesday midday

Personal Invite

CAC or Cardiff Arts Club or Cardiff Watercolour Society

I am curating the magazine- which is for artists that dont fit in anywhere else- artists like you and me.

I would like you- to be in it. Send any of your fav' pieces to the address below- tee designs- album designs- board designs- anything you want to feature in the mag.

It can be- and most people are submitting old work.


I previously sent in my Bullet For My Valentine piece.....that kind of thing: Anything you have already done. Cant stress this enough hahah.

The only mag I can compare it to is I Want Your Skull but for any subject and is just available in my city (fastest growing city in Europe!)

It would mean a load to me to have you in it.

email entries to: designerviolence@yahoo.com

300dpi- around A4 size will be fine. Band names/any text that is on the design can stay in there.