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12 Feb 2010

Social Beasts

One way we determine what is socially acceptable is by seeing what other people do or think.

personally I have seen many a thread sway in the favor of demeaning someone, then with only a few comments the whole thread sways in the favor of the opposite view.

This is natural tribe mentality and it has its good points: support and help, and its bad points: knee jerk reactionary mob like actions.

Being all social web folk- tribes matter- whether you are of the emptees tribe or the threadless tribe or so on- it pays to be in a tribe- but it also pays to walk your own path, speak up and form your own tribe around you: this is particularly helpful if you want to be a web based business.

Tribes are good, they promote evolution, understanding, support and safety- but never be afraid to speak your mind...you may be the one that leads that tribe.

I recently was shown this video- my first thoughts are : what a cock. You probably will too. but then see how you feel later....

P.S. dont forget to retweet and be part of the GM tribe :D