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16 Mar 2010

Screen printing

I am addicted to printing. Its the outcome and obvious evolution of being sat behind a computer for 2 years drawing things and sending them away for others to deal with. Speaking of deal, it was our Derek that pushed me into getting my first screen print poster made in the states, the Mumford for reinforcing that- and many more for sending me aceness. I had a great day with the great Chris Lloyd as my tutor and mentor and was a good laugh and full of years and years of info to glean. He loved hearing about the new wave of screen posters etc, having himself starting off selling screen prints in the 60's!!!!

I will be going back next week to do some more prints, learning dry point printing...all sorts of printing up to the point where I will be making solid brass acid corroded plates- am excited.

After spending the day learning I finally got to print something I have been dying to print for about a year: Sonispheres old poster.

I only printed 7 of them on bone paper. 4 colours. signed and numbered- very very limited. Will bung a load of stickers in with them if anyone wants them...available at the Store.

...and a few photos of the CAC meeting from the other night- we went for Chinese..