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21 Mar 2010

Mailing list

So with more and more 'stuff' being available from me I have been advised to get a mailing list. After a good wrestle with the mailing list provider I have finally figured out how to do this- here is the form below. Now as you probably know I am a complete technophobe, or as my wife calls it 'computer spaz'- so if you get blank emails to start with or odd pictures of my cats balls- bare with me I will sort it out and be more 'proffessional' as time goes on. I will not send you many emails- just those about sales or promotions which will be far and few inbetween. Sign up and let me know if there is anything ary.

Get discounts, updates, be first to know about new releases and all that gubbins...

The form will be a permanent feature on the right.