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4 Mar 2010

Morris : Legend

Get used to knowing that. The name 'Morris' can be traced to its varied and colourful history. Some say its a mutation of the the moors who invaded Europe, some say that its from the Latin 'Mauritius' which means 'dark or swarthy' (which makes sense because its always a given that the welsh have an unexplained darkness to them...and seeing as the sun never comes out here...)....(oh and how do you explain Tom Jones?!). Other say its from the German - where ever its origins we know that the spelling 'Morris' is a welsh one. And we know that the American 'Morris' was from Welsh settlers- who were great plantation owners and gave their names to their slaves...that's why there are so many blacks with welsh names...history tells us. Also, many plantation owners were no older that 14. How odd is that? I digress.
The other Morris I know is a jaw droppingly talented artist and a kind man from America who has sent me many great things. As he prepares for a new little morris to continue the name, he also finds time to make and send me these: thank you Brian: