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3 Apr 2010


As part of my education about screen printing or indeed all forms of printing I am learning great things such as Artists Proof, Printers Proofs, and all the varied ways to sign a print and the rules to signing prints.

Its with this knowledge that I am selling my AP's. I was informed that when a job gets printed the printer often send the test prints to the artist for him to proof; to see if everything is as he/she wishes. These APs (they are signed AP/1 and so on) can be many and varied and are known to be more in demand to collectors as they are few and rare (the artist usually keeps these or gives them to collectors as presents). Seeing I am both the artist and the printer, and I ended up doing 7 pieces before I got what I wanted- I figured these would be great to let people get a chance to own and sign myself.

Printers also get to proof and sign pieces and these are also collectible, although not as collectible as APs.

I have kept AP/1 for myself and that's all I need and have decided to offer up these pieces to you awesome people at the same price as the others.

Hopefully, the plan is that I get good enough at printing that there will only ever be one, as I will get it right first time.

Next week I intend to print some more pieces- another one colour piece to get my large printing technique down then move on to bigger things again. I will try and make a short video on how to sign different type of pieces if I have time; its very interesting.

For now though: go snap up the APs if you want one: you can see the lighter grey running through it as I test which shade of grey I want (I went with death metal dark grey eventually)

In the store now