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14 Apr 2010

If tyou could see drum and bass

lately been getting into some old school dark drum and bass- and found this home made video. Who doesn't like low grumbly noises and giger?!

true story: met a guy in the pub and saw he had a giger tattoo- we started chatting about it and he seemed sheepish about the whole affair. after a while I found out the problem. all those that know gigers work knows that his work incorporates his fascination with birth, sex and death; all being one and the same and is able to sometimes hide the penises, fannies, foofies and boobs in his work. the guy didnt know this, just liked cool art. the tattoo was running down the inside of his bicep...he then lifted his arm up and then it was clear, from a different angle. the guy had tattooed what can only be described as a veiny bio-mechanical cock on his arm. no wonder he was a bit sheepish about it all hahha