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8 Apr 2010


Had another great CAC meeting tonight to discuss the future issue of Designer Violence; SMUT. still looking for submissions; as we ate noodles, were sized up by chavy gansters, we thought of some great ideas- and have been sent a few already. Details to submit can be found in previous blog entries and the designer violence site.
Other topics of concern and interest were DV DJ at Cardiff Arts Institute on sunday, CAC are attending to do a bit of karaoke...that's my plan anyway. A mention is some rag about the upcoming DV launch and Shaped By Fate joint DVD launch at the Barfly- should be good- get down there to see the 'savious of UK metal-core'...everything is 'core' these days...whats all that about eh?
On our way to Jamie Olivers restaurant (we opted for a noodle bar in the end) we saw the rehearsals for a street catwalk performance; loads of models looking great and dancing and we even saw a boob as it jumped out at us during a routine. This is a pic of the boys watching...During the show some bloke rode past on his bike screaming 'down with capitalism, down with capitalism' which had us in stitches laughing.
After noodles we found ourselves in a jazz cafe that served neither coffee or played jazz (after the band had finished). I bought a CD off the band and am listening to it now. jazz. as we left the cafe I shouted at the guitar player 'Im a tom waits bender'...I really dont know what that meant or why I said it, but it rocks.