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23 Apr 2010

Food for fridays thinks

Having no purpose gives me a sense of freedom- I do not know any other way. I think when I was younger I bought into all that jazz about being special and sanctimonious- but now I feel I am no more special than the grass or the wind (or poop or mold - I figure I best give a less than hippy example too so as to not come across as a complete tree hugger)- which honestly drains me of any fear I used to have. There are laws which you may adhere to that make you feel comfortable, but be careful that these laws don't become obsolete over time and you are left having to justify them to people who have moved on, or coming up with strained complex failing reasons what they actually meant...and so on.... If somethings dont make sense- dont jump to conclusions of force and answer.

On friday night last week we went out to celebrate a friends birthday and I got into a brilliant conversation with a lovely lady I once met years ago. A topic of conversation was ghosts and I asked her if she believed in them, to which she replied 'yes'. I asked her why ghosts did what they did; hung about moving things and lurking in dark rooms. She told me that they remained on earth for some reason or another and had a lot of information for me on ghosts.
I then asked her where she got all this info from and that I actually knew all this information also. but even knowing all the same things as she did, I did not believe in ghosts. I also asked if there was any evidence that was undeniable and stood up without a doubt. She replied 'no'. But then a great things happened, she told me that although she had no reason to believe, no evidence to prove and no solid information that wasn't gleaned from spooky films and hearsay, that she just liked the idea of ghosts. She said it made her feel better and helped her deal with things- but she knew her beliefs existed for that reason alone; to make her feel better.
I only wish more people could be more honest with themselves. I often think my ideas are biased and will spend hours researching the other side- all sides to draw the factual conclusion from them. Its why I started listening to fox news radio; to see if I wasn't just biased through comfort etc.

P.S fox news is still a bag of shite- but cant stop listening as its like car crash radio.