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31 May 2010

Secret Wars. Cardiff Vs London

First of all sorry for the fact that you will be craning your neck to see some of these.
So last night we had Secret Wars (if you dont know- google it) in a club down the rd from me. The teams were Cardiff Vs London. Dont know anyone from my home town but I knew the amazing MrGauky and had the chance to hang out with him. He is a northener who likes drinking and trouble...we hit it off instantly.

The teams had 90 min to complete their pieces. I wanted to represent my home town but My gaukys piece alone would have slaughtered everyone. Seriously we discussed the fact that he did his part in like 30 mins and it beat everyones hands down. i know art is personal, but seriously.

So I bet the handsome freak a pint that he would win easy. I ended up buying him and his lady a drink, can you believe it- he lost, well, london lost. seriously? I am in no way biased- I mean its my city- but he lost?! Not suprising that all the judges were Welsh.

the london crowd bussed down a load of people and it was great to have them, a great bunch.
Gauky (thats what they actually call him- none of this real name business- they actually call him Gauky all the time- gonna try that with God) brought me gifts!!! tees and posters!!
Designer Violence (danny in the background fetching me my esspresso hahah)
Its love.
The london piece.
the Cardiff piece.