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15 Jun 2010

James gave me a present

My mate James is pretty special, so special that I named my old cat after him; he too was ginger and fun and crazy. James runs CSC (cardiff skateboard club) and got me my first skateboard design job. James has been banging on about a 'special present' for a while now and I was fucking stunned to find out what it was tonight.

heres the story from the Crossfire site:

The opening of the Deckades art show last weekend in Bristol was a runaway success with many people travelling from far afield to see Shiner Distribution's unparalleled board collection as well as the many hand painted boards that were procured from various skate related artists.

The collection itself was accumulated over a 30 year period. Many of the decks that came through the warehouse to hit your local skater owned shop was down to the vision of Shiner's owner Chris Allen who had the foresight to stash one of each classic over the years. This major chunk of skate history, with some rare and highly sought- after boards has been sitting in storage for a number of years and this is the first time that it has been on show anywhere so with the help of Howies, the entire vault of this legendary collection were shown in its entirety.

Following the opening night of the exhibition, Allen reflected on the emotions that ran high saying: ‘We are stoked to be able to share our skateboard archive that we have been saving in our vaults for the past 30 years. After the launch party on Friday night it gave me such a buzz to see how stoked people were to see the boards they first rode when they started skating.’

But it doesn't end there. To add a contemporary feel to it 27 artists were invited to paint a one-off board to be on show and later auctioned off for the childrens charity UNICEF. Artists involved in this project include Kev Grey, 45RPM, Mr Bowlegs, Andy J Miller, Gavin Strange, Will Barras, Rich T, Ponk, Mr Bingo, Nigel Peake, Nick Hand, Millie Marotta, James Joyce, Nick Hand, Matt Sewell, China Mike, Phil Harvey, Marcus Oakley, Mr Jago, Jim Phillips, Geoff McFetridge, Pete Fowler, French (MINE NOW HAHAHAH) , Chris Bourke, Danny Wainwright and Jethro Haynes.

Deckades skateboard exhibition trailer from howies on Vimeo.