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25 Jun 2010

Posters arrived

The posters arrived this morning in all their glory. The priters dont mess about- they are the best prints I have ever seen. I spent the morning numbering and signing them and then packaging them ready to send in the morning.

Oooo who is that handsome fellow modeling the new sexy Illuminati poster?

half way through and my wrists hurt.

I wrap each poster in tissue paper so it slides out of the tube easy with no damage and also helps protect it en route. Also splap a sticker in there. I found this lush sea green/blue tissue paper- I always try to match the paper with the print for uber sexy.

Their printing skills are quite profound- I swear they use a bit of witchcraft- its so perfect.

I get a lot of emails asking if I will be reprinting anything; the answer is no. Once these are gone they are gone. I don't even own some of the old posters I printed. Only one per person/sale please.

and dont forget the competition below- to nab yourself a poster- or a tee- or a hat- or a shirt- or but loads of other stuff I have to give away...