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15 Aug 2010

Live Art Party

Camilas takes great pics- thank Camila.
click on images for bigger pics.

Our Live Art Party was a great success thanks to everyone involved; Cardiff Arts Club, Drew Millward, MrGauky, Milgi, Cardiff Arts Institute, Disturbia, Ben Genius, Sam the DJ and everyone who helped and most importantly of all; all those who came.

I dont think you can tell how busy it was from these pics at all. There are more pics and footage to come from our resident Cardiff Arts Club documentary maker Ben Genius.

It was a great turn out and an amazing atmosphere. We gave away about £400 plus worth of Disturbia shirts and god knows how many Drew Millward prints- all for the measly price of a £2 raffle ticket.

It was such as success I am already in talks with a few more artists to do a few more nights- if you have any suggestions or want to 'get involved' as the kids say- feel free to email me.