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23 Aug 2010

'Life is but a dream, sweetheart...'

I first heard this song properly on Terry Gilliams 12 Monkeys and it struck a chord with me; only being able to describe it as 'haunting' as someone I greatly admire would say.
The next time I heard this song was on ol' youtube and the most touching story ever was in the comments section, I think I will remember it till the day I die. Sadly the comments were disabled due to this beautiful comment. If I remember rightly, the comment read;

"I love this song. when my husband found out he had cancer and didn't have long to live we would dance each night with the windows open in the living room before bed listening to this song. Thank you for posting it"

Ol' Godmachine here ain't afraid to admit that every time this song plays I get a little emotional now.

(If you are having problems playing this vid in your country- try thing link here SLEEPWALK )