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3 Aug 2010

Victoria Fox

So after a while of looking for models to help with some of the harder poses Vicky finally wangled herself in to the job. Victoria has posed for Bizarre mag. Suicide Girls, Loaded, a thousand tattoo mag covers and so on..all the usual stuff. She is also a globe trotter for MAC being their leed body paint artists for Milan cat walks and some shit....
So after a quick photo shoot in which I felt inadequate with my point and shoot digital camera she showed me her portfolio- and I have to say I was blown away- she does these in her dinner break in work. I knew she did a bit of drawing but never got round to having a proper look at her work- I took a few phone snaps and wanted to share them with yous guys. I will be commissioning her for a piece and would even consider her for a tee design in the future- she is gonna be big soon! If you want to get in touch with her either search for her on facebook or drop me a line.

vickys modelling work

me showing how to pose proper (blue steel)

Vickys other work: