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24 Oct 2010


So for the past 4 or 5 years I have spent Halloween alone- just me and Bear. I have always had an outfit for bear but never myself; last year bear dressed as Satan, little horns and a cape. As everyday is Halloween for me I enjoy staying in watching you mortals vacation on the dark side while I work. But this year I am dressing up...as The Beast. I am making a mask for myself that has already been forged with blood (i cut my finger to the bone- ooooo thats gonna get glue in it and sting), all black body paint and completely naked...just as nature intended. I will post pics when I'm done ;D

What are you going as? I feel like I should give away a little part of my collection as a gift from The Beast:

Win a signed Real Human vertebrae. To enter, just tweet:

'RT to Win Human Bones from @godmachineuk http://godmachinewip.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween.html '

Just a few of my bone collection:

I have a fav' Hallows Eve film and it is The Day Of The Beast, I may have mentioned it before- and here it is again: