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24 Nov 2010

A Bad Artist Blames His Tools

When I went to Uni I have a chance to sit next to some of the greatest artists I met...which was odd because this was a graphic communication course (I spent my time in the bar). I sat next to one guy in particular called Adam Fisher, a pleasant, unassuming brilliant fellow who went on to live life and do great things. Adams weapon of choice was a biro. The things he could create and draw with a biro would blow my mind...a biro. It is this morning over my coffee having my heart and my mind touched by art that I am reminded of the term 'a bad artist always blames his tools'....Jimi Hendrix would kick yr ass on a shit guitar....and please stop telling me I need this program and that program...none of them make you draw better. Anyway, enough of my bullshit here is a beautiful video of an amazing artist: Paul Alexander Thornton