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17 Jul 2012

franck littot

 There isnt much on his vimeo Page about Frank Littot, so I guess I'll makes something up. Frank lives in an old cupboard draw in the 1800's in a disused tailors. At night when the fog rolls in from the harbour of iron ships Frank creations are given life and are his only companions. We never see what is outside of the shop and what rolls down those cobbled streets at night, only the shadows that shatter the gas light through the cracks in the walls and the gaps upder doors. Its hard to tell if the groans are from distant boats navigating the dense unearthly fog or from the creatures inside Franks mind. Enjoy.

Hilum part I/3 from franck littot on Vimeo.

Hilum part I (1+2) from franck littot on Vimeo.

l'armature de l'absolu (début) from franck littot on Vimeo.