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25 Feb 2013

Trampt blog post

I thought this was particularly lovely form Trampt and worth reiterating:

Featured for Art Prints: Godmachine

Godmachine's intense illustrations will knock your socks off. Widely considered one of the heavy-hitters of todays ever growing print scene, his work is powerful, often gory, and heavily detailed. On top of being amazing (and having an enviable beard!) he's also extremely prolific. He was one of only a handful of artists selected to represent Gallery 1988 - Melrose in their recent Academy Awards sponsored event titled The Academy : 2013. His Zero Dark Thirty poster was an exceptional use of glow-in-the-dark ink and deserves an oscar all its own. Even more excitingly, for me anyway, was his latest for the Get A Room show at Bottleneck Gallery. I'm not ashamed to admit that The Fifth Element is my all time favorite movie and Godmachine's tribute to the true heartthrob in the movie (no, not Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, or the absolutely stunning Milla Jovovich), the robotesq intergalactic visitors called the Mondoshawan, warms my shiny metal heart. More exciting still is the news that he's already submitted some work to our buddies Warpaint Press and will be one of the first artists featured when they launch next month. Keep a close eye on his blog, or you'll inevitably miss something!