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17 Jul 2013


For a few weeks now I have been working with my friends in the states to open up a fulfillment store in the states that will cater for my posters from now on and some extras. That's not to say that I still wont be selling from here in the UK, it will just be more specialized stuff- you'll see. The store in the states has great advantages for us both and some extras, seeing as I wont be able to sign the posters I have created a certificate of authenticity in the way of a letterpress piece of artwork, two pieces of work for the price of one, plus your posters will get to you faster and the postage will be much less. Any items sold from the store will come with the certificate...including the new t-shirts.  Look, I could keep on trying to explain it logically but here is my good friend Skinner to explain properly for us:

GodMachine from godmachine on Vimeo.