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13 Jan 2010

Corefolio and I.

Last year my fav' Italian artist and I did a poster/tee/flyers/tickets for a hardcore festival in Europe. This year I was asked to do the same again so thought it would be good to include my stoned Italian maestro again. How it worked for us is that I know Andreas strength lay in his sketch work and perspective, so I did a 1 min sketch of the kind of subject I wanted; 'a hige robot train smashing shit up'. After a few AIM messages and a few bowls for Andrea we agreed that he should be pulling up train tracks. Andrea sent me the rough sketch and I finished it. As a point it is really hard to do- because his sketch is loose you have to make decisions where his lines were hazy. Its tougher than I originally thought it would be. But ultimately its loads of fun being able to work with one of my fav' artists. Andrea is a king.