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20 Jan 2010


My work process for making my droplett. I kind of panicked about the deadline what with my work load at the moment so just kind of plowed in with not much though and no experimentation at all.....so first things first:

move massive fluff monster from the desk..again...

I wondered if I had the ability to fashion hands- after a first attempt on one hand the other followed straight away....make small clay sausages...or for those in the know: its like fuse wiring soft black leb'.

after doing the hands I covered it in clay...dont ask me why, I cant remember. I think I wanted to see if I could fashion zombie skin....oh, we are doing a zombie are we? After about 10 mins of looking at it and thinking whether I should listen to Andy and build up the outside to make it look like inside- like film special effect...something makes me reach for my blade and slice the f*cker open- no turning back now. shit....

I use the piece of plastic I cut away to build his intestines on and then stick it back to the insides fixing it with a bit of clay. I had to cut more of the bottom away to get my fingers in.

A quick shot of my professional tools. I did have a look at some tools in the shop and they were basically metal edges on sticks, I figured I could find lots of things with that description in my house. And I did. Obviously if I was gonna do this again, I would invest in something a bit more useful and pro'.

Chuck it in the oven. A tip: when you self diagnose a problem on the web you often think the worst and people only post things that are wrong with you. You will never see: 'if you have chest pains its probably stress- chill out and have a tea'. No, you wont. So when I did a bit of research about baking clay in the oven, I didn't find a load of posts about 'I used sculpy clay and everything was fine'. People don't post things when its fine. No. I found 'the sculpy reacted badly to my hands and I was rushed to hospital' and 'the sculpy blew up in my oven rendering it poisoned and we had to get a new oven'. WTF. loads of this crap. So I risked it and using the power of Gorden Ramsey slammed it in like it was a sexy tart. . It was all stiff after ten mins.

the lady at the shop told me to used 'this acrylic paint as it adds depth and shadow'...huh? so I took it. I think she meant it was a bit lumpy. It was.

During the painting process I had set up a heater in the front room and would place it in front of it to speed things up. Acrylics dry fast but not enough for me. The cats loved the heater. and kept grabbing the droplett.

first coats of paint- smash it on there lubbly jubbly.

the GM splats in full effect. Previous to my digital career my painting always had 'splats' so I dug out my old splat brush (tooth brush) and used new clay to mold a protective mask over the intestines. As it would not set and was very malleable it was excellent.

stupid droplett grabbing cat.

splatts and shit taking place

I bought some varnish today and give it a quick coat and tried to take some pro shots, gave up and just had fun.

finished piece.

All in all it was fun and I wouldn't mind trying it again. Looking at it now there is loads more I want to do to it...loads of ideas pissing out of my nogging. I may buy a munny and attempt something quite spectacular. Thank you to Gavin for having faith in me and fuck you for showing me the other peoples work- its amazing, obviously because they do it full time...I expect mine will be used to cover some stain in the bathroom hahah.