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17 Jan 2010

Plastic Toys

I was asked by the creator of The Droplet to customize a figure for the launch of the new design in Bristol next month in 50/50. I am looking forward to seeing the new 50/50 skate store, I saw it when they were moving but never made it up to see them fully moved in. I am not looking forward to being shown up and looking like a spaz at the show. I feel out of my depth to be honest and a little nervous about it for a few reasons.

I am not really knowledgeable about this scene, only last year someone bought me a munny and I had to ask what it was, I am totally ignorant to it all. I know Chris Fowler as he is a local boy and his brother gives me tips on how to grow chili plants, but that's as close as I get.

So I have just now taken my droplet out of the oven (is ten mins long enough? was it hot enough? can I put it back in if it didn't work? will my cat eat it?) and I am a tad timorus as you can tell. I will post up the whole process as soon as I finished desolating this poor figure.

So if you are about and you want to come see some great figures by some great artists and a shit one by a hairy nobody- come along and if you see a sweaty arab looking red neck in the corner- come say Hi.