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30 Jan 2010

Late night company

They say that cats are artists pets. I think its something to do with the hours we keep. Bear my half Maine-coon cat loves the camera and I post a lot about him, his sister, Kitty, is pure black and shy which doesn't make for good photos. Its 6 in the morning- its taken me 9 hours to get a good idea and another 5 to get into the swing of things. I am somewhat comforted by fridaynightartdorks who seem to be a number of people who also draw all through the night. . My aim is to do a piece every two days is going ok- I have a week off to do an album cover come Monday so am trying to get stuff out of the way. It will be a 10 page booklett and a 5 page fold out piece. May the power of josh belanger be with me. I think this ramble all makes sense when you know I just need a break.
any hoo- here is kitty