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27 Jan 2010

Massive Kittens!

I met Jake through emptees and he came to a few Cardiff Arts Club/Cardiff Water colour Society meetings. He is safe as fuck and its great to talk about that place with someone who enjoys it as much as me...gossip, praise, moan etc. We even felt the quality of each others tees which got some odd comments ('you two are nerds') from our company.
so, Jake phoned to tell me that there was this exhibition of 'giant kitten art' at the local art Uni' this month and we should go check it out. So glad we did. So me jake and al went along to drink coffee, look at huge kittens and talk religion with good looking african women.

click on the pics to see them close up.

I made jake and al stand with a lot of the painting so we could get some scale.

I took a close up pic so people couild see that there were different ways of drawing eyes than copying me all the time hehehe

I told jake to mimick the cats. Jake looks like a cat all the time though.

Have you ever seen such a happy hairy redneck?

so did you notice? ...no? There are no whiskers on the cats...not one...we dont know why and didnt see it till we read up on the show. It didnt say why though.

on the way home I saw this car- great advertising.