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7 Feb 2010

london edge.


Went to meet the Mumford today and it was everything I expected and more. Would you believe its been two years that we have been chatting on the phone, emailing, faxing and telegraming each other but never met. being able to gaze into each others eyes across a table of bacon and bananas was a wonderful experience. Had a really good laugh and wish I could have had more time to chat.

Mumford had a full Brunch. Look at him- doesnt he look happy- watching him eat was like watching a cat play with string- so natural and awe-inspiring.

Here you can see my dish- which was waffles, bananas and cream- it was rank- but ate it anyway. The waitresses there kept trying to chat us up and a few wanted to have their photos taken with us claiming the were big fans.

Dan laughed.

I saw this across from where we were eating. It was great, like this victorian oddities shop full of basically religious monuments, crosses, HUGE skulls and loads of little skulls. It also had all these weird plaster casts of dolls that we both agreed Brian Morris would have loved- they were very eerie and strangly attractive- in fact Brain would have loved the whol place. I bought a deers skull.

The photo below is what me and dan looked like walking about through other peoples eyes.

after saying a teary farewell to dan I jumped on the tube, nearly got into a scrap with some weird c*nt and met up with Frank and Helen from disturbia for another meal. Honestly these two are fooping nuts: dead crows in foofs, fingering priests, nearly having the family attack us from the next table, frank throwing his wine glass across the resturant, drunk germans with retarded fingers and thai wine orders that go terribly wrong. All in a nights work for these northaners.

all in all it was a great few days away from everything and the only time I get off. Hopefully didnt embarress myself too much, made some great contacts and mostly great friends. Mumford and Machine is still on the cards, disturbia are gonna be huge and Toxico are the boys. Too many to mention though but am looking forward to getting back and give my wife, bear and kitty smooshes.

mondays child wears owls.


helen and frank on the disturbia stand- was mad popular and super busy.

I'm in London! London edge to be exact. I am uploading this then quickly shooting off out to have some thai food with Disturbia.

Here is Perdify....Killer knapkins design is selling the best apparently. Next to him is all of Josh belengers work- the joker and michael Jackson and stuff- mmm sexy in the flesh- good guys- all gonna go for some food tomorrow night.

Magic carpet ride!

the gang. This lady I met is quite famous being the new face of virgin airlines and agent provecure - cant spell that- turns out she is friends with the boys and quite a potty mouth and a bit of an artist. Good ol' gal.

Laughed to much with the boys and they bring out the worst in me totally haha

he is beautiful though isnt he.

hey thats a nice stand- who designed that? also- who did the freddy krueger stiletto? I dont know- bet he has a beard though.

would you believe that the girl design is nearly a year old!!! sexy girls and flowing hair is done- next season is.....would i tell you lol......maybe .....

dont know what this is. the obligitory self shot.

whoa- lucky i brough two red shirts though eh? doh

One thing I will say though: detailed stuff doesnt sell to the masses. The stuff that sells the best is simple and bold and bright. Good art does not sell. dammit. Detailed stuff may look good and appeal to those of us that appreciate good art and labour intensive art- but the man on the street doesnt give a shit what looks good close up- he wants his tee to scream across the street. Buyers recognize this and know this.
There is an artist i am seeing that is like thews old, (not new) bold stuff and he is everywhere and going to be huge. if you want to be huge- stuff needs to be bold and easy on the eye.