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11 Feb 2010


EDIT: I feel I should make this point more clear: we are looking for submissions just to showcase your work- not for the tee comp'. Send in old work, for other clients etc. YOU DONT HAVE TO ENTER THE COMP'.

designer violence asked me to curate the next issue. They are running a comp' for people to sub designs for the new tee. To be honest I was a lot reluctant to spec work...but realised it actually free work. They want you to design them a tee for free and this is in keeping with my 'work for full price or work for free- but never work for cheap' ethic. Also their cause is a good one- they use their own money to make the mag- no adverts, no profit: its a free magazine. They do it coz they love art- its that simple. So I am game.

its all we have in the way of lowbrow art in cardiff.

Also I would like you to send me your art thats not included in the comp- stuff you have already done for other people- personal stuff- client work etc- what ever you feel- I want you guys in this mag.

Others that have appeared and sent us work in the past are setup85, nicolo, brandon heart, moi, christ- loads more that have escaped me right now...its a great little mag.

deadline is in 2 weeks- get sending.

here is the poster and detailssend work to the email on the poster- click to see large poster:


the winner of the tee comp will be interviewed by moi and the designer violence guys for a few pages and your work showcased in the mag. Plus as much stuff as I can get off the designer violence guys for you and the other entrants and whatever I have laying around the studio. But dont do it for the prizes- do it for the children

there are limited pages- so be quick

if you have any thoughts on this or comments- We want to here them so leave them below