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6 May 2010

CAC at the weekend thingy at Milgi

film made by bengenious- a workaholic gent of the highest degree.

So my Cardiff Arts Club, or Cardiff Watercolour society, was a part of the Big Fuss weekend which saw us draw all over a window, giggle at the poetry reading and shout at the gay sailor DJ (sorry sam- you were in the gayest boat I have ever seen and you played that bloody '6' song).

We are the worst club ever- having previously been to a jazz session shouting 'Im a tom waits bender' at the band- then shouting 'you've got a nice cock' in the life drawing classes and then wailing 'eat the fucking cake' at the poetry club- we decided to make a hash of the Milgis window.
Got to love the Milgi gang for letting us draw pink pentagrams all over thier windows- I even had a catholic school girl drawing upside down crosses for me- t'was a good day in GM land.
Sadly the yert (a Mongolian tent out the back where events are held) has collapsed and the poetry club/reading/event was forced inside with us- it was horrid. I dont doubt what they do is good, but its not my cup of tea. We clicked our fingers in true beatnik style after each dreary dreadful painfully shit poem- although the burlesque compare at the end used a lot of swear words and interest picked up from the CAC camp.
We didnt know what we were gonna draw and had not planned anything- but I was wearing a tee by palehorse that was a day of the dead lady so we took inspiration from that. The event is supposed to be interactive and our plan was like last time to get a load of people to join in and help colour the piece. we did have a lt of help- from a catholic school girl (love saying that) and from the photographers (he was doing a time lapse of the window) girl; sammy. Without sammy it wouldnt be what it is- respect to sammy who blew me away with her dedication and effort and skill at helping colour over 50% of the piece.
In all was a great day/night, hung out with loads of people- met some twitter friends and the night finished off with a polka/jewish band that kicked ass and had everyone on their feet. check out: www.klezmerkollectiv.com

Art Director is busy art directing

My fav' cardiff group at the moment: www.klezmerkollectiv.com

P.S. drawing on glass with small old pens is hard.