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3 May 2010

The God Machine / The Demon Seed

It only occurred to me lately That Demon Seed is another name for Godmachine....wait...I'll explain...in 185cough cough I forget, John Murray Spear a New England priest tried to make the Godmachine. Having said that spirits spoke to him in a dream and gave him instructions to build a machine, that was to be no less than a god! Spear was a dude for his time, opposed to slavery and all for womens right often speaking out publicly against them, even receiving a massive kicking from a mob of turds for doing so. It was after this kicking that Spear started all his spiritualism/poltergeist crap and left the church. He was the first guy to try to control/talk/contain/use spirits using copper and zinc structures (see ghostbusters movie for reference- the building). Well, to cut a great long story short- Spear got together a gang of nuts- built the machine that was god and tried to get it to mate with a women and then he vanished.
Years later, Dean Koontz a great suspense and horror novelist wrote a book about an intelligent sentient machine that conceives a child with a women it is holding prisoner in her home. It was made into a film that spooked me as a kid almost 20 years ago now and stuck in my mind. Totally inspired by Spear, the book was called: The Demon Seed.