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21 May 2010

David Lynch. Lost Highway

Film For The Weekend:

Just one of those films that if you 'get it'- terrifies you. If you dont, its just an odd film. David Lynch is into transcendental meditation and likes to go 'fishing' into his subconscious- the results are films that touch on the most base of human emotions. Again though, you wont 'get it' if you are looking to get it. For a modern cultural point of reference, remember how Donnie Darko made you feel? But you couldn't explain it to people- that's what, IMO, David Lynch films are- a feeling. Shit, go youtube the man talking about his films, you wont understand a word he is saying, but damn if it doesn't feel ace. The Lost Highway DVD brand-new will cost you about £17. I dont know why its so expensive, ....I guess they charge what they are worth....