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22 May 2010

The Way To Go.

I dont even recognize I'm doing it, It took this video to bring it to light for me and for my wife to state I have the same frame of mind. Its something too I tell my friends when someone doesnt say thank you or doesnt return favours or doesnt appreciate the effort...I tell them that we do it because we are good people, we dont do it for rewards or thanks, they are nice, but ultimately we do it because its the way we are. We shouldnt let others stop us being this way either.

When I first moved to the city I was forever stuck in door ways holding doors open for people nodding hello- I am sure people thought it was my job. My city friends would look at me strange when I would rush to help a lady with a pram or a person whose bag had split- how can you not?

Do you perform unseen acts of kindness- does it hurt when you are not rewarded? Have you given up on manners because 'no one else uses them'? meh, no one is perfect, but its nice to try sometimes. I have too many examples in my life to mention here so will leave the Magnificent James Randy say it much better than I.

I would love to hear your stories and comments guys- gimmie some hope hahah