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13 Aug 2012


I have been releasing some mugs lately to go with my passion for coffee and had a think about what mug I would like for myself. One Idea I had was an Anti-theist mug (Check the store above) . The term 'anti-theist was coined by Christopher Hitchens some time ago and having thought more about it saw that it described me more than most descriptions. I once thought I was an atheist and if you want I will still fall in line behind that should a call go out. The term 'atheist' describes someone who doesn't believe in god..... but describing me as something that doesn't do something is like giving a name to not stamp collecting or rejecting the idea of astrology. I don't believe in a lot of things and I have no name for them, so why this? Also, all religious people don't believe in someone elses god, we just don't believe in one more. Anti-theism means to be against religion. For a better description I found this great Video of Steve Weinburg explaining his anti-theism. For more ideas on it all look up Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and enjoy learning and disappearing down that rabbit hole.

  "Putting god ahead of humanity is a terrible thing"