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7 Sep 2012

Poster tubes craft adventure

I buy and send out a lot of poster tubes and often wonder what people do with them after. They are strong tubes and it seems such a waste so we in the office were thinking what else you could do with them. I came up with  these two, Dan suggested using them as table legs.....let me know if you have any ideas.

I am about to embark on another gallery piece and wanted to seperate all my brushes and pens from all my biros and pencils- so, using the the free sticker that comes with most of the tubes: a pencil holder:

The guilty pens:
 I measured the sticker and the pens so it wouldn't be top heavy or anything- made sure it fitted my pens.
 I stick the sticker on before hand to help guide me. Probably a better way but there we go...
 I started off using a craft knife but the tubes were so thick and my skill so limited I ended up using Dans saw. you get a much cleaner and more straight of a cut this way.
Ta Daaaa Tony Heart eat your heart out.

Next up I thought It would make a sturdy pencil case seeing as both end caps are pretty solid and snug fitting and would double as a pencil holder too so made the other end into a longer pencil case:
Chucked a bunch of stickers on there and all that jazz: